The Dončić Dossier Vol. 17 — @ Khimki Moscow Region


Real Madrid continued their fine form as they made it six wins straight as they exacted revenge on another team that had previously beat them in their first encounter: Khimki Moscow Region. Madrid easily won out in the end, 95-78 on January 12th.

For top prospect Luka Doncic, it was a subdued game: 10 points on 2-of-8 shooting from the field, 0-of-3 from behind the arc, 6-of-6 from the line, four rebounds, four assists, two steals, three turnovers and a PIR of 16 in 22 minutes coming off of the bench.


10 points for Doncic on 2-of-8 shooting, 0-of-3 from three and 6-of-6 from the line.

Let’s start with three-point shooting.

Yes, it was another poor performance, going 0-for-3, but the shots Doncic took from three didn’t come in poorly selected pull-ups with 18 seconds left on the shotclock but shots in late-clock situations — a little more excusable.

As the shotclock winds down, Doncic tries to put on a dribbling clinic, can’t shake the defender and steps back into a three that misses as the clock winds down:

At the end of the first half, Madrid have done a poor job getting into an offensive set and Doncic is given the ball to bail out Madrid again. An Edy Tavares screen creates a switch but Doncic elects to try to shoot over the defender as the shotclock winds down:

You could argue that Doncic settled here and that’d be a fair point — could’ve chosen to drive and instead of settle. The shotclock was still winding down and it was given to Doncic to bail the team out.

And finally, at the end of the third quarter Madrid have the last shot and Doncic opts to settle for a three-pointer that is offline:

Some of these still aren’t great shots but they’re a little more excusable because they’re in late clock situations — and there were only three of them, not five or six. Progress is progress? Sort of?

Elsewhere on the offensive end — for one of his two field goals — Doncic uses the screen, gets a switch, steps back and hits the mid-range J:

For some more of Doncic getting downhill, he rejects the screen, skips to the rim with ease, extends elegantly, uses the glass and scores:

For some of his misses, Doncic tries to get to the rim again (was actually in an earlier part of the game than the last clip) but takes heavy contact from the defender and play continues on, with Doncic wanting a foul call after that contact:

On a drive in the fourth quarter, Doncic pulls up at the free throw line but can’t hit the free throw jumper on this occasion:

And finally, Doncic tries to whip out the fancy with the reverse layup with this left hand after squeezing by the defender but can’t get the layup to drop:

Doncic got to the free throw line on six occasions in this game, mostly because Khimki fouled Doncic while in the bonus.

Here, after a Khimki miss, Doncic manages to split the double/trap at mid-court and draws the foul, sending him to the free throw line:


Four assists and three turnovers for Doncic in this game… Let’s start with some of his assists/chances created.

As Doncic comes up the floor as the Khimki defense tries to get set, he finds Jeffrey Taylor in the corner for a three-point attempt, which Taylor duly dispatches:

In the fourth quarter, Madrid execute a great team move that has Doncic make a run from the baseline, receives the ball from Jaycee Carroll from behind the three-point line, drives to his left and finds Chasson Randle on the wing for a three-pointer:

Doncic and Carroll would link up just moments later, this time Doncic finding Carroll coming off of a screen and Carroll hits the three:

So, quite a number of Doncic’s assists came in three-point makes but he created more opportunities that his teammates missed…

In transition, Doncic sets up Fabien Causeur for a three-point attempt that Causeur misses:

Doncic committed three turnovers in this game and got caught in the air on a number of occasions.

Here was one, as Doncic leaves his feet only to find that there’s not a great option to pass to, tries to force something inside and turns the ball over:

For his other turnovers, here, Doncic has his pass to the corner to Jaycee Carroll deflected and it results in a turnover:

In the fourth quarter, Carroll makes a cut off of the ball from the baseline to the wing. As Doncic makes his pass to Carroll, Malcolm Jenkins gets in front of Carroll, knocks the ball away and sets up Tyler Honeycutt for the basket:


As always, some good and bad things defensively in this game for Doncic.

Here, Doncic displays some good defensive anticipation, sees the play unfold as it’s happening, jumps the passing lane, comes up with the steal and draws the foul:

In the fourth quarter, Madrid commit a turnover through Causeur, and Doncic and Facundo Campazzo are the ones left to try to prevent the transition score. Doncic contests the first shot well, Khimki fluff-up the offensive putback and Doncic knocks the ball away and Madrid escape without conceding:

Let’s move on to some of the defensive shortcomings/happenings Doncic had in this game.

In transition, Doncic doesn’t close out to meet Alexey Schved, who takes the opportunity to pull up for an uncontested three-pointer:

Doncic was the unfortunate victim of Tyler Honeycutt going absolutely berserk in the fourth quarter from beyond the arc, despite some good contests by Doncic.

From the corner, Doncic hoists a good contest but Honeycutt still hits the three:

Again, Doncic was right there with his contest but Honeycutt still hits the three:

In closing @ Khimki…

Thankfully for Madrid, this was a game that didn’t require Doncic’s offense to win the game. By the time Doncic checked in at the end of the third quarter, the game was basically over — the bulk of Doncic’s scoring was done in the first half anyways.

He didn’t take a ton of shots and though he missed all three of his three-pointers, they were at least a little more justifiable since the clock was running a low.

We didn’t see a ton of Doncic-Tavares pick-and-roll in this game and Doncic looked quite passive off of the ball at times — he wasn’t involved an enormous amount in the offense in his stint in the second half. Instead, Doncic set up a number of opportunities from behind the arc.

Defensively, Doncic played pretty well but was torched by Honeycutt late on which, as we’ve looked at, there wasn’t really much more he could’ve done — he contested those shots pretty well. When you’re hot, you’re hot.

A solid game from Doncic, all things considered in another victory for Real Madrid.

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